Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Well, after many months we are nearing the end of this horrible deployment. I remember sitting in McDonalds at Norfolk Naval Base eating our final sad meal of mcmuffins and hashbrowns. I can honestly say that I had barely any appetite for it.. I could have done without a thing that morning. It was soooo bitterly cold that I drove over to the ship and gave hubs one final hug and he was gone.. I cried all the way to the front gate, I wondered how I would cope by myself, I felt like the world would end when he left.. well, for about 5 minutes anyways, then I told myself to stop being a wimp.

I drove back to the Navy Lodge where we had slept the night before and climbed back in bed with Emmy and watched cartoons for a few hours until we could drive back on base and wave the ship off. I can't say I wanted to go back initially, but I'm glad we did. It was soooo cold. I wrapped Emmy in all my spare clothes and we snuggled together on the pier. I was surprised how few people there were waving their loved ones off... I know there will be more for the homecoming. One of Dans co-workers let him use his cell, he stood at the back of the ship (sorry, can't remember it's official name) and waved to us. We waved until we couldn't see each other anymore and then began our sad little lonely journey home....

All I can say is thank goodness for friends and family (you know who you are), you took us out, went to the gym with us and called me up with words of encouragement. I can now say "we did it". It's almost over... Now I can look forward to homecoming day. I am looking forward to the hubs seeing how toned and svelt I've become, all the sweat and carrot sticks willl be worth that one smile. I'm looking forward to him seeing how big and beautiful his daughter has grown. I am most looking forward to cracking open a cold one in the evening and catching up. It was a tough few months, but it's almost done now!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!

p.s. The dress above is one of about 4 right now that I am debating on wearing to homecoming!!! lols.

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